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Samara Morgan

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I shall rise again! [09 Apr 1991|04:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, its been all fun and games in the well... not much to say really. Its been "drip drop drip drop" constantly. Out of boredom, I decided to go for a little diving expedition to see how far down the well goes, and just where it goes. Couldn't find the bottom, doesn't really surprise me though. Remember I told you how I took up knitting using my hair and fingers? Well, lost the mini-sweater I made for a doll... must've sunk or something. Anyway, decided I'd make a sweater for myself with my own hair. A girl can't have only one outfit, its just not done. Fits real nice too, kinda ichy though.

Well, not many people come by the cabins these days, but there's a guest in now. I've been flickering the lights on and off from time to time. Don't wanna scare her too much, since I'm hoping she'll stick another blank tape in the VCR. Don't even think she's noticed my flickerage anyway, since her boyfriend is with her and they've been going at it like rabbits. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to think of something else to do with my time.

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Catch-up [14 Jul 1990|12:21am]
[ mood | blah ]

So, I haven't kept you updated for a while. I've been so busy killing people that I haven't been able to write about it. But man, has these few years been fun?? Someone watched that last guy's tape - you know, the one who left it in the cabin, and I got to kill all of them but one, who accidentally figured it out and copied a tape for a friend. The big softie even told the person he gave it to how to stay alive after he put two and two together. Subsequently, a bunch of teenagers have been using my tape to get cheap kicks, and I seemed to have developed something of a cult following for a while. Most of them passed it on, but I got some people who either had guilt issues, were commiting suicide by tape, or people who just didn't know how to save themselves. Lots of fun, but I've been kept busy with all these people. Shame that all those tapes have been destroyed. ¬_¬

Anyways, lately I tried to possess that little boy I told you about. It was nice to be alive again for a little while at least, even got to kill some people too. But his mother found out all about me, between her own kid using my powers to give her clues to find my mother who told her how to get rid of me. But yeah... I'm stuck in the well again till someone else sticks a tape in the VCR. Next time I kill someone, I really need to post a picture, cos they really do look nice and slimy and gruesome. I'm sure you'd enjoy that!

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Fun Fun Fun! [01 Sep 1987|07:10pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Well, I haven't updated in a little while, mostly because I've had a busy busy time with Mr. Nature-lover, so this is gonna be a big one! I followed him home, to find that he had a wife and son, and that he had told them his trip to the cabins was a business trip... now WHY would he say that. Not like he had another woman or anything, he was just there on his own on a nature hike. So I've decided he wanted to get away from his family, which makes him just plain mean. His little boy is cool though. He's five years old, and we've had some fun conversations - which really freaked his dad out. XD Oh well, here's the 7 day update. ^^


Today I gave him the mild haunting. I didn't really do much because my influence isn't all that strong on day one, but I still got to show him some things. He walked by the mirror and I made a brief appearance, but I wasn't there when he looked again. He must be superstitious or something, because that alone freaked him out! Left some of my hair for him in the sink too. So, its not too hygenic, but my hair is my tool of choice. And that's about that for the first day.


During that first night, I even invaded his dreams a little bit. I made him see images of dead horses, as well as my shadow chasing him... fun stuff like that! I decided to take my fun even further by giving him similar images during the day, with ladders and holes into nowhere. He was so freaked out! At one point, he tried to calm his nerves by drawing, but couldn't get the images out of his head. It was so great! Though.. he kept telling himself that he was just "seeing things." Still doubting my incredible power, hmm? Well, I'll show him that I am not a figment of his imagination... *grin*


Its been fun, playing it mild... but as the week wears on, I can do more and more. Today, I got to kick it up a notch. Today, when he went to the bathroom, I sat behind the shower curtain. He practically crapped himself before he got up the courage to pull the curtain back, but I disappeared then. Breathing a sigh of relief, he turned to the sink to shave or something and found more of my hair in the sink... and just as he was asking himself how it got there, I made the floor disappear so that he was hanging onto the sink to keep from falling in the well, and then the sink became the side of the well. He screamed soooo loudly! XD His wife came up and found him on his knees clinging to the sink, and he looked really confused. But that was hillarious. This guy is too easy. XD


After three days of playing with this guy, I decided to have some real fun with him. Instead of playing with his head throughout his day, I decided to make him really go crazy. *grin* I had to wait until he slept, though. It was boring, but after spending so many years down here in the well, a few hours more didn't seem like much. Finally, he fell asleep and I set to work, projecting images of how I had been through into his dreams. He was really scared! After awhile of toying with his dreams, he began to dream lucidly, I think. He realized he was dreaming and began to control his actions by becoming more confrontational. He slowly reached out for me, but I grabbed his arm, allowing him to feel a lovely sense of seering pain. ^_^ I think I really disturbed him this time. Maybe even made the pathetic guy wet himself in his sleep. Imagine: A grown man pissing in his bed! Hahaha!

Anyway. He awoke and I was forced out of his head, but.. just to make sure that he wouldn't dismiss me as nothing more than a figment of his imagination, I left a nice little souvenier: a burn mark in his arm, from my very own hand. Really, I don't think I've ever heard someone whimper so much.


Looks like my influence is starting to affect this guy's body... all the psychic attacks seem to be giving him a killer nose-bleed right now. Anyway, today I kept staring back at him from behind the mirror. He kept closing his eyes, telling himself that it wasn't real, but he opened his eyes and I was still there staring back at him. He broke down in tears while dressing himself for work, cut himself shaving several times too, since he couldn't see himself in the mirror. Pretty red drops everywhere. I'm surprised he hasn't managed to kill himself already. XD

Well, he got to his office cubicle only to find his chair spinning upside down and maggots over his paperwork!!! That was definitely a classic scare! Mwahahaha!! He screamed and ran from the building, then his colleagues wandered over to his cubicle to see what was up, but all they could see was an unusually high stack of paperwork. And when he got home, there was a ladder just like the one from my tape against his house, and his kid was sitting under it (at my request of course). Best part is the window cleaner left it there and it was nothing to do with me.


I was banging and scratching on the walls and pipes all night, keeping him awake. You know, now that I think about it, I don't he's eaten either in the past few days. Despite what happened yesterda, he went to go to his car to drive to work... but his car wasn't in the driveway. My well was there instead. Still he insisted to himself that he was overworked and this was a product of his imagination, so he went over to this well tentatively, and he cautiously peered over the side of the well. I popped up and grabbed him by the coat, and he fought to get free... After a couple seconds I let go and he fell on his ass, and when he looked up it was just his car in front of him. Being a stubborn guy, he decided he was going to work anyway. Two minutes drive from his house, and I appeared in front of his car, and he swerved and hit a tree. Hahaha!! If I was him, I'd have kept driving. Needless to say, he had to go home and call in sick.. and report his accident. In the afternoon, I made him regurgitate some of my hair, and a fly flew out of his mouth with it. More banging and scratching in the evening.


You know, he hasn't figured out how to save himself, not like he had a chance at it either since he left the tape back at Shelter Mountain anyway. Looks like the poor bastard is mine come 10:14am. Early this morning, he did try to eat some cereal - cheerios as it happens. It was so funny... he took a spoonful, and a clump of my hair was on the spoon, then he looked into the cereal and saw me climbing up in one of the cereal hoops!! Dropped the bowl and it broke. He called in sick for work, of course, said he had a stomach bug. He tried to keep his mind off everything by spending his time off with his little boy. Not much time to haunt him today, so I left them some quiet time.

After a game of catch, they both came indoors to watch cartoons or something at about 10:03am. I sat behind them, watching Scooby Doo with them until 10:12 when I went back to the well. 10:13 came and I sent some interference to their TV, and of course the guy tried to fix it to no avail. And then the well appeared on the screen, and I clawed my way out and started walking towards the TV screen. He jumped back from the screen and backed against his chest of drawers, closed his eyes and kept telling himself he was just imagining it. All the while, I was getting closer to the screen and the TV was leaking water. His little boy just sat and watched. Oh, I found out I can do this neat little trick where my hair comes out of the well and the TV first! Looks so badass. Anyway came out of the TV and he still wasn't opening his eyes, but then he peeked and I flickered right in front of him. He fell back, and crawled backwards into the kitchen doorway where I looked him in the eye and he died. Made his corpse all green and decayed, and he screamed so loud he dislocated his jaw! Man, I hope all my victims look this cool. Well I positioned him back onto the couch next to his kid, who just looked at me wide-eyed. Didn't scream, didn't cry... Reminded me of.. me!

Left quite the impression on his little boy... looks like I can visit him whenever I like now. He doesn't speak very much anymore though, not to anyone. And my tape starts running when he gets near the TV! Its sooo awesome. Oh, and there were some new guests in cabin 12. They took the tape with them, but they haven't watched it yet. I suppose they thought since it wasn't in the main office it was a freebie. They'll likely watch that some time this week. NOBODY CAN RESIST THE TAPE!

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I'm GOOOOOD! XD [17 Aug 1987|10:32am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The guy JUST watched his tape to find nothing but my freaky little movie. The look on his face was priceless! And, just for kicks, I added a little something extra to the experience. As soon as he was done, I called him up and whispered eerily "7 days..." He dropped the phone and grabbed his stuff, then took off. He even left the TV on. That was even better than when I'm scaring the usual guests. Looks like I get to leave them alone for now, since I'll have my hands full haunting this guy. What shall I do first...?

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WOOHOO! [16 Aug 1987|12:08am]
[ mood | creative ]

Mwahahaha!! Someone FINALLY put a blank tape in the VCR, trying to tape some documentary while they went on a nature hike or something. But his stupidity has rewarded me well! (And it really is stupidity... there's no reception up here. Believe me, I've tried.) Anyways, I made a short and cryptic movie about my life, and my views on life... oh, and I cursed it. Yay me! Who-ever watches it will die in 7 days... because it took me 7 days to die down here. That'll teach 'em to watch blank tapes with no label!

The wonderful part is, I get to haunt whoever watched the tape for the 7 days in between! And at the end, I get to crawl out of the well and out of their TV!!! Death just got a little more interesting kids. When you're hot, you're hot.

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Still Nothing... ¬_¬ [28 Jun 1984|04:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

You know what? NOBODY HAS PUT A BLANK TAPE IN THE VCR YET! I've been waiting here patiently another two years, and still nothing? In fact, there haven't even been that many guests in the cabin in that time. Stupid Shelter Mountain in the middle of fricken nowhere... ¬_¬ Nobody even wants to come and visit this place, and why? Because there is nothing to do. Nothing. Imagine how I feel, stuck down here for eternity?!

But I've had my fun with the few guests that have come by these two years, most of whom where snotty teenage couples hoping to get it on out here without parental interferance. I have found that teenagers are the best people to terrorize of all. Glad I never was one. Mwahahaha!! Anyway, this one couple were just about to get nekkid when I kept turning the TV onto static. The guy thought it was just a glitch, but then he noticed the plug was out. I... have... NEVER heard a guy scream so loud!!! He was like a little baby, and he ran out of the cabin and left his girlfriend there. She was too scared to move, so I got to terrorize her more. I spun the pictures on the wall, moved the TV, and even moved the carpet back to reveal the pretty ring mark i made on the floor. I even burnt it in more right in front of her. It was about that point that she ran out of the room and left her stuff behind. Too funny! XD Of course the guy who owns the place thought that they just messed the place up and ran out without paying... As if a doofus like him could ever recognise my handy-work... But he'll get his one day... you'll see.

Other than that, its been nothing but drip, dRiP, DRIP down here. Day in, day out. So, to stem the tide of boredom, I took up knitting. I know what you're thinking! "She doesn't have any knitting needles and no wool either." You'd be right there, so I used my fingers for knitting needles and my hair for wool. All the hair fell off my now badly decomposed corpse (which is now under water and out of my way), but funnily enough my disemboddied spirit still has tons of it... Anyways, I used the hair that fell off my corpse - made this really cute black sweater for a doll or something. Shame there's none down here...


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Eureka! [12 Feb 1982|04:14pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Its taken me 4 years, but FINALLY I have the answer to my little revenge problem. See, even though I'm dead, I'm still stuck in this DAMN WELL!!! *twitch* That means I need a medium to wreak my revenge. Well, the reason its taken so long is that its hard to think of a good medium when you're in the middle of nowhere, far from anything but fields. But it looks like Daddy has solved my problems.

Some brand-spanking-new cabins have been built, and Cabin 12 is right on top of my lil' old well. So, I've been concentrating my rage upwards, and burned a nice ring into the cabin floor. Looks nice too, but they covered it up with a huge rug. I've also been practicing my telekinetic powers to freak out the workers. That's been rather entertaining. They scare so easily. But here's the good part... they've put a TV and VCR right on top of me! Now my Nensha can be used to its fullest ability! Hehe... its movie-makin' time. Life... er... I mean... DEATH is gooood!

In other news... I thought I left a beautiful corpse... but it seems that its become bloated and decayed. Ick. Looked at my reflection in the water and I've turned all blue and slimy. That's quite craptastic. Oh, and it still smells like piss in here, but you get used to it after a while. I'll update after someone puts a blank tape in the VCR. ^^

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UPDATE: Day 7 [27 Oct 1978|11:15pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So... funny story... I DIED!!! But I'm still around, so that's always good. WOOHOO! Sweet revenge coming soon!

It was so weird. When I died, I suddenly realised that Mommy killed herself by throwing herself off the cliff near the well. I'LL NEVER GET TO HER! How much does that suck? On the plus side, Daddy is suffering immensely and I don't have to lift a finger to hurt him. YAY MEEEEE! Now I just have to think of a way to get my revenge on the entire human race... This is gonna take some thought...

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Day 7 [27 Oct 1978|02:02pm]
[ mood | tired ]

No one has come for me. I've been in here a whole week and no one has come for me. I am sooooooo angry with them! Every last one of them! My Mommy and Daddy, everyone at the hospital, everyone who could have saved me but didn't! I hope they all suffer.

I used what little strength I had today to scratch a seventh line into the wall, but I am growing more and more tired with each minute that passes.. I wish I could eat some decent food, or maybe take a nap..

..But I can't close my eyes. Not yet. Someone is going to come save me and I might miss it if I sleep... Oh.. who am I kidding? I'll just.. close my eyes for a minute.. No.. no one's coming... I... I am... I'm going to get.. get my revenge, they'll see... everyone will...

. . . E v e r y o n e . w i l l . s u f f e r. . .


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Day 6 [26 Oct 1978|10:12pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Here I am, just laying back and floating in piss-water... projecting my seething rage upwards... And I'm thinking... ALL THOSE BASTARDS HATED ME AND THEY REALLY ARE LEAVING ME DOWN HERE!!! And I can't do anything to stop them. You know what? I'd be more powerful if I was dead... I'd make them all pay! Every last one! Maybe I need to calm down here. Maybe they just put me down here as a time out, you know.. for killing Daddy's horses? They might still come for me... right? Bah, I'm just fooling myself. I hope they all get herpes!

My, my, my... some of my cuts seem to be turning blackish/green. Now I know that's not normal. I knew this well was bacteria-ridden. ¬_¬ Ate another one of my nails I found in the wall again. Tastes putrid, but its all I've got right now. If my arm wasn't starting to look so mouldy, I'd try munching that.

One more line in the wall... Don't think I'll make it through tomorrow. Sucks to be me.

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Day 5 [25 Oct 1978|10:09pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm really hoping that someone's gonna peer down here and say this was all a big joke, a misunderstanding of sorts. I'm not one to hold a grudge... honest. All I'd do is plant disturbing images in your head and I'd call it even. ^.~ You know, not only am I feeling numb all over, but I'm actually starting to feel kinda sleepy. Can you imagine? Me? Sleepy? I NEVER SLEEEEEEEP!!! NEVER! Stupid smelly well - and it really does smell quite rank now. Not that it wouldn't be nice to sleep to pass the time, but come on! I wouldn't be very creepy if I just nodded off!

You know, I think my stomach has started to eat itself. Now instead of dripping I'm hearing constant growling as though there's some sort of furry beast in here. Its kind of funny really. For the first time in my entire life, I feel powerless... completely powerless. Still hoping for that rope, though...

One more line scratched in the wall. 5 days and counting...

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Day 4 [24 Oct 1978|11:04pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Day four. No rope.. has no one noticed that I'm gone?! This is getting really frustrating. Perhaps they haven't thought to search out here yet. For their sake, I hope that's what has happened. Yes. Someone will come and save me soon, I am sure of it.

My wounds, today, are a lot darker than they were yesterday. They look like they sting, too. I think the disgusting piss-water had something to do with it. The hunger pain in my stomach doesn't bother me so much anymore, I think I'm getting used to it, now. Still.. I wish I could eat something - Even my own hair is starting to look good at this point. I try not to think about that, though. Instead, I try to pass the time by singing my cheerful little song from the other day. It's not so cheerful anymore, though...

Another day, another nail scratched in the wall.

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UPDATE: Day 3 [23 Oct 1978|11:42pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

Yeah... I just couldn't hold it in any longer. I finally gave into my bladder and the dripping. I had to go potty in the water and now I'm up to my shoulders in piss-water. I thought things couldn't get any worse, but I suppose I was wrong. I'm sooo thirsty, I can't stand it!

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Still hoping for that rope tomorrow. I mean, surely someone will miss me, right? Even maybe the doctors at the mental hospital will get worried, RIGHT?

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Day 3 [23 Oct 1978|02:16pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Got so increadibly hungry today, I felt like knawing off my own arm... If only there were some fish or something in this well. I could kill them and cook them with my freaky powers. Some fish would go down well right about now. Anyway, I had no choice but to munch on that nail I found yesterday for sustainance. Not that it did much, but I at least a little better now.

Can't even climb half way up the well without my nails... Its too slippy, and my hands have gone numb with the cold. So I guess I'm stuck here. I really wanted out before I had to go potty... I'm desperate! I've been holding it in for three days! Can you imagine the strain on my bladder? Do you know what its like to hold it in with water everywhere reminding you that you have to go? Its maddening!!!

More purple wounds today... but the big one on my arm seems to be turning a lovely shade of black. It matches my hair! But my beautiful white dress, its an absolute mess. I don't think washing it a million times will ever get the muck out. Will the hardships never end? *sigh*

Found another nail stuck in the wall, scratched another line. So this is day 3... Maybe tomorrow someone will throw a rope down or something?

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Day 2 [22 Oct 1978|10:04pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Second day in the well. Another sleepless night. Last night was especially difficult, though. Not only was I bored, but blood kept caking over my skin where my pretty nails used to be! The skin around my cuts is starting to turn... almost purple. It'd be really painful if I could actually feel pain, but still... it only makes me more angry with my so-called parents for doing this to me.

After a few hours of waiting, I eventually seemed to go numb. Or maybe I just got used to the cold. Either way, I decided to try climbing the walls again. I dug my hands into the rock and tried my best to pull myself to the top. I swear, this wall looks taller than it did yesterday... but I'm determined. The skin on my fingers has broken and the more I dig my hands into the wall, the more blood I feel running down my hands. Because of the blood on my hands, I began to lose my grip on the wall and eventually slipped back down into the mucky water.


This is so tiring. It doesn't help that I'm starving to death in here. I feel myself wasting away to nothing, I'll be skin and bones before too long.

I noticed one of my nails floating by in the water, so I picked it up and scratched another line into the wall to indicate day two. Tomorrow's another day...

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Day 1 [21 Oct 1978|01:29pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So... obviously I didn't sleep last night. You know, I never sleep... chronic insomnia. Don't think I've ever slept, but I digress. I got bored, so I decided to have a go at swimming around in circles to pass the time. And it was kinda fun until I banged my head on the well wall. ¬_¬

I tried climbing out this morning, but the walls were too slimy. In desperation, I dug my nails into the rock, but by the time I was half way up, all my nails had ripped off and I began to slip back down again. MY BEAUTIFUL NAILS!!! T_T Cut myself a few times too. The mud in the wells gonna make them infected, I can tell. Started to get hungry, and thirsty. Can't drink the well water, I'll probably poison myself. And what's gonna happen when I have to go potty?!?! o.O

I scratched a line in the wall to indicated day one.

Watch the Tape?

UPDATE: A Trip to Shelter Mountain [20 Oct 1978|04:07pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So... There I was, at Shelter Mountain. Daddy was inside and out of my way, as usual, and Mommy wasn't far away from me. I was just standing next to a rather picturesque well, singing my cheerful little song and minding my own business... How'd it go again? Oh yeah! "Here we go, the world is spinning. When it stops, it's just beginning. Sun comes up, we laugh and we cry. Sun goes down, and then we all die." Its a cute song, huh?

Anyway, there I was minding my own business, when Mommy came up behind me and shoved a plastic bag over my head, bashed me with a rock, and dumped me in the well. What. a. BITCH! If all she ever wanted was me, why'd she try to kill me? I mean, you think you know someone. I think Daddy must've come out to help Mommy cover up the well, cause I don't think she could move big rocks like that on her own.

Jokes on them though, cause I didn't die. I'm still alive, and I swear I'll get out and have my revenge. Its really dark in here, though. Man is this well filthy! I hope nobody ever drank this water, its absolutely vile. And the walls are slimy. Maybe tomorrow, I'll try climbing out. Here's hoping!

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A Trip to Shelter Mountain [20 Oct 1978|10:34am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Today, Mommy came back home from the hospital. I'm was still up in the barn loft, but I could hear Mommy outside. I didn't think Daddy wanted me to talk to her in case I sent her loopy again. Just as I was about to kill yet another horse to show Daddy who's boss, Mommy came in the barn, propped the ladder to the loft telling me to come down.

Turns out, we're going on a family trip to a place called Shelter Mountain. Mommy and Daddy own some land up there, so maybe it'll be fun! Maybe Daddy's started to come round to the idea of me being insanely powerful. Oh well, either way, Mommy will be there. She'll take care of me.

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