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Day 2

Second day in the well. Another sleepless night. Last night was especially difficult, though. Not only was I bored, but blood kept caking over my skin where my pretty nails used to be! The skin around my cuts is starting to turn... almost purple. It'd be really painful if I could actually feel pain, but still... it only makes me more angry with my so-called parents for doing this to me.

After a few hours of waiting, I eventually seemed to go numb. Or maybe I just got used to the cold. Either way, I decided to try climbing the walls again. I dug my hands into the rock and tried my best to pull myself to the top. I swear, this wall looks taller than it did yesterday... but I'm determined. The skin on my fingers has broken and the more I dig my hands into the wall, the more blood I feel running down my hands. Because of the blood on my hands, I began to lose my grip on the wall and eventually slipped back down into the mucky water.


This is so tiring. It doesn't help that I'm starving to death in here. I feel myself wasting away to nothing, I'll be skin and bones before too long.

I noticed one of my nails floating by in the water, so I picked it up and scratched another line into the wall to indicate day two. Tomorrow's another day...
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