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Day 3

Got so increadibly hungry today, I felt like knawing off my own arm... If only there were some fish or something in this well. I could kill them and cook them with my freaky powers. Some fish would go down well right about now. Anyway, I had no choice but to munch on that nail I found yesterday for sustainance. Not that it did much, but I at least a little better now.

Can't even climb half way up the well without my nails... Its too slippy, and my hands have gone numb with the cold. So I guess I'm stuck here. I really wanted out before I had to go potty... I'm desperate! I've been holding it in for three days! Can you imagine the strain on my bladder? Do you know what its like to hold it in with water everywhere reminding you that you have to go? Its maddening!!!

More purple wounds today... but the big one on my arm seems to be turning a lovely shade of black. It matches my hair! But my beautiful white dress, its an absolute mess. I don't think washing it a million times will ever get the muck out. Will the hardships never end? *sigh*

Found another nail stuck in the wall, scratched another line. So this is day 3... Maybe tomorrow someone will throw a rope down or something?
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