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Day 5

I'm really hoping that someone's gonna peer down here and say this was all a big joke, a misunderstanding of sorts. I'm not one to hold a grudge... honest. All I'd do is plant disturbing images in your head and I'd call it even. ^.~ You know, not only am I feeling numb all over, but I'm actually starting to feel kinda sleepy. Can you imagine? Me? Sleepy? I NEVER SLEEEEEEEP!!! NEVER! Stupid smelly well - and it really does smell quite rank now. Not that it wouldn't be nice to sleep to pass the time, but come on! I wouldn't be very creepy if I just nodded off!

You know, I think my stomach has started to eat itself. Now instead of dripping I'm hearing constant growling as though there's some sort of furry beast in here. Its kind of funny really. For the first time in my entire life, I feel powerless... completely powerless. Still hoping for that rope, though...

One more line scratched in the wall. 5 days and counting...
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