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Day 6

Here I am, just laying back and floating in piss-water... projecting my seething rage upwards... And I'm thinking... ALL THOSE BASTARDS HATED ME AND THEY REALLY ARE LEAVING ME DOWN HERE!!! And I can't do anything to stop them. You know what? I'd be more powerful if I was dead... I'd make them all pay! Every last one! Maybe I need to calm down here. Maybe they just put me down here as a time out, you know.. for killing Daddy's horses? They might still come for me... right? Bah, I'm just fooling myself. I hope they all get herpes!

My, my, my... some of my cuts seem to be turning blackish/green. Now I know that's not normal. I knew this well was bacteria-ridden. ¬_¬ Ate another one of my nails I found in the wall again. Tastes putrid, but its all I've got right now. If my arm wasn't starting to look so mouldy, I'd try munching that.

One more line in the wall... Don't think I'll make it through tomorrow. Sucks to be me.
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