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Day 7

No one has come for me. I've been in here a whole week and no one has come for me. I am sooooooo angry with them! Every last one of them! My Mommy and Daddy, everyone at the hospital, everyone who could have saved me but didn't! I hope they all suffer.

I used what little strength I had today to scratch a seventh line into the wall, but I am growing more and more tired with each minute that passes.. I wish I could eat some decent food, or maybe take a nap..

..But I can't close my eyes. Not yet. Someone is going to come save me and I might miss it if I sleep... Oh.. who am I kidding? I'll just.. close my eyes for a minute.. No.. no one's coming... I... I am... I'm going to get.. get my revenge, they'll see... everyone will...

. . . E v e r y o n e . w i l l . s u f f e r. . .

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