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Its taken me 4 years, but FINALLY I have the answer to my little revenge problem. See, even though I'm dead, I'm still stuck in this DAMN WELL!!! *twitch* That means I need a medium to wreak my revenge. Well, the reason its taken so long is that its hard to think of a good medium when you're in the middle of nowhere, far from anything but fields. But it looks like Daddy has solved my problems.

Some brand-spanking-new cabins have been built, and Cabin 12 is right on top of my lil' old well. So, I've been concentrating my rage upwards, and burned a nice ring into the cabin floor. Looks nice too, but they covered it up with a huge rug. I've also been practicing my telekinetic powers to freak out the workers. That's been rather entertaining. They scare so easily. But here's the good part... they've put a TV and VCR right on top of me! Now my Nensha can be used to its fullest ability! Hehe... its movie-makin' time. Life... er... I mean... DEATH is gooood!

In other news... I thought I left a beautiful corpse... but it seems that its become bloated and decayed. Ick. Looked at my reflection in the water and I've turned all blue and slimy. That's quite craptastic. Oh, and it still smells like piss in here, but you get used to it after a while. I'll update after someone puts a blank tape in the VCR. ^^
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