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Still Nothing... ¬_¬

You know what? NOBODY HAS PUT A BLANK TAPE IN THE VCR YET! I've been waiting here patiently another two years, and still nothing? In fact, there haven't even been that many guests in the cabin in that time. Stupid Shelter Mountain in the middle of fricken nowhere... ¬_¬ Nobody even wants to come and visit this place, and why? Because there is nothing to do. Nothing. Imagine how I feel, stuck down here for eternity?!

But I've had my fun with the few guests that have come by these two years, most of whom where snotty teenage couples hoping to get it on out here without parental interferance. I have found that teenagers are the best people to terrorize of all. Glad I never was one. Mwahahaha!! Anyway, this one couple were just about to get nekkid when I kept turning the TV onto static. The guy thought it was just a glitch, but then he noticed the plug was out. I... have... NEVER heard a guy scream so loud!!! He was like a little baby, and he ran out of the cabin and left his girlfriend there. She was too scared to move, so I got to terrorize her more. I spun the pictures on the wall, moved the TV, and even moved the carpet back to reveal the pretty ring mark i made on the floor. I even burnt it in more right in front of her. It was about that point that she ran out of the room and left her stuff behind. Too funny! XD Of course the guy who owns the place thought that they just messed the place up and ran out without paying... As if a doofus like him could ever recognise my handy-work... But he'll get his one day... you'll see.

Other than that, its been nothing but drip, dRiP, DRIP down here. Day in, day out. So, to stem the tide of boredom, I took up knitting. I know what you're thinking! "She doesn't have any knitting needles and no wool either." You'd be right there, so I used my fingers for knitting needles and my hair for wool. All the hair fell off my now badly decomposed corpse (which is now under water and out of my way), but funnily enough my disemboddied spirit still has tons of it... Anyways, I used the hair that fell off my corpse - made this really cute black sweater for a doll or something. Shame there's none down here...

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