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Mwahahaha!! Someone FINALLY put a blank tape in the VCR, trying to tape some documentary while they went on a nature hike or something. But his stupidity has rewarded me well! (And it really is stupidity... there's no reception up here. Believe me, I've tried.) Anyways, I made a short and cryptic movie about my life, and my views on life... oh, and I cursed it. Yay me! Who-ever watches it will die in 7 days... because it took me 7 days to die down here. That'll teach 'em to watch blank tapes with no label!

The wonderful part is, I get to haunt whoever watched the tape for the 7 days in between! And at the end, I get to crawl out of the well and out of their TV!!! Death just got a little more interesting kids. When you're hot, you're hot.
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