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So, I haven't kept you updated for a while. I've been so busy killing people that I haven't been able to write about it. But man, has these few years been fun?? Someone watched that last guy's tape - you know, the one who left it in the cabin, and I got to kill all of them but one, who accidentally figured it out and copied a tape for a friend. The big softie even told the person he gave it to how to stay alive after he put two and two together. Subsequently, a bunch of teenagers have been using my tape to get cheap kicks, and I seemed to have developed something of a cult following for a while. Most of them passed it on, but I got some people who either had guilt issues, were commiting suicide by tape, or people who just didn't know how to save themselves. Lots of fun, but I've been kept busy with all these people. Shame that all those tapes have been destroyed. ¬_¬

Anyways, lately I tried to possess that little boy I told you about. It was nice to be alive again for a little while at least, even got to kill some people too. But his mother found out all about me, between her own kid using my powers to give her clues to find my mother who told her how to get rid of me. But yeah... I'm stuck in the well again till someone else sticks a tape in the VCR. Next time I kill someone, I really need to post a picture, cos they really do look nice and slimy and gruesome. I'm sure you'd enjoy that!
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