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I shall rise again!

Well, its been all fun and games in the well... not much to say really. Its been "drip drop drip drop" constantly. Out of boredom, I decided to go for a little diving expedition to see how far down the well goes, and just where it goes. Couldn't find the bottom, doesn't really surprise me though. Remember I told you how I took up knitting using my hair and fingers? Well, lost the mini-sweater I made for a doll... must've sunk or something. Anyway, decided I'd make a sweater for myself with my own hair. A girl can't have only one outfit, its just not done. Fits real nice too, kinda ichy though.

Well, not many people come by the cabins these days, but there's a guest in now. I've been flickering the lights on and off from time to time. Don't wanna scare her too much, since I'm hoping she'll stick another blank tape in the VCR. Don't even think she's noticed my flickerage anyway, since her boyfriend is with her and they've been going at it like rabbits. Oh well, I suppose I'll have to think of something else to do with my time.
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I agree
ah sweet samara, call this number (865) 357-6217 she'll be happy to give you a free blank tape and watch it, perhaps I could be your friends too? I dont have mnay but you seem...nice



September 6 2005, 00:04:11 UTC 11 years ago

hi wife i love u but ill help u out of the well just come any time!
hi wife i love u but ill help u out of the well just come any time and call this number but don't kill me 638-8893 thank you your husben.


October 5 2005, 01:22:34 UTC 11 years ago

hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what it GOINNNNNNNNNNNNG ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


October 5 2005, 06:06:54 UTC 11 years ago

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To Samara


April 14 2006, 04:44:07 UTC 11 years ago

OhMyGod Samara Morgan you are REAL Samara My god??



September 6 2007, 02:10:43 UTC 9 years ago

here i am in Canada you can not come here to Barrie ontario Canada samara morgan so you can do something for me can you go home and bring me something to be real person who you are very soon later

Timothy Baars



August 23 2008, 21:37:42 UTC 8 years ago

Hello Samara Morgan. Please read this carefully: I'm going to watch a part of your video. Please make it so that I will get 100% cursed by it. Please watch me when I watch it so you know what time I finshed watching it.
I watched the Tape... but it hasn't worked >.