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UPDATE: A Trip to Shelter Mountain

So... There I was, at Shelter Mountain. Daddy was inside and out of my way, as usual, and Mommy wasn't far away from me. I was just standing next to a rather picturesque well, singing my cheerful little song and minding my own business... How'd it go again? Oh yeah! "Here we go, the world is spinning. When it stops, it's just beginning. Sun comes up, we laugh and we cry. Sun goes down, and then we all die." Its a cute song, huh?

Anyway, there I was minding my own business, when Mommy came up behind me and shoved a plastic bag over my head, bashed me with a rock, and dumped me in the well. What. a. BITCH! If all she ever wanted was me, why'd she try to kill me? I mean, you think you know someone. I think Daddy must've come out to help Mommy cover up the well, cause I don't think she could move big rocks like that on her own.

Jokes on them though, cause I didn't die. I'm still alive, and I swear I'll get out and have my revenge. Its really dark in here, though. Man is this well filthy! I hope nobody ever drank this water, its absolutely vile. And the walls are slimy. Maybe tomorrow, I'll try climbing out. Here's hoping!
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