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Day 1

So... obviously I didn't sleep last night. You know, I never sleep... chronic insomnia. Don't think I've ever slept, but I digress. I got bored, so I decided to have a go at swimming around in circles to pass the time. And it was kinda fun until I banged my head on the well wall. ¬_¬

I tried climbing out this morning, but the walls were too slimy. In desperation, I dug my nails into the rock, but by the time I was half way up, all my nails had ripped off and I began to slip back down again. MY BEAUTIFUL NAILS!!! T_T Cut myself a few times too. The mud in the wells gonna make them infected, I can tell. Started to get hungry, and thirsty. Can't drink the well water, I'll probably poison myself. And what's gonna happen when I have to go potty?!?! o.O

I scratched a line in the wall to indicated day one.
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