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Stuck in a Well...

Everyone Will Suffer...

Samara Morgan
8 February
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My name is Samara Morgan - you know, the little dead girl who's been cursing people with video tapes I made with Nensha? Yup, that's me... Vengeful spirit extraordinaire. I have pale skin and long dark hair. Its almost always covering my face, but if you're ever unlucky enough to see my eyes, tough noogies cos you're dead. Did I mention that I'm evil?

That's me... well, when I was alive anyways. This was during one of those horrible sessions with the doctors. The doctors didn't like me. But aren't I cute? Who couldn't love that face? (Apparently a lot of people... ¬_¬)

I was born February 8, 1970 to a woman called Evelyn. She didn't love me. She tried to drown me in the pool outside the women's shelter where we were staying when I was a baby. I screamed and screamed until the nurses came to save me. Soon after, I was taken away from that place and adopted to the Morgans of Moesko Island.

Daddy hated me but loved the horses; wonder what was going on there... o.O Anyway, Mommy went nuts and had to go to a mental institution for a while, and Daddy sent me there too. The doctors were scared of me, but then my Mommy and Daddy came to get me and the doctors were glad.

But when I got home, Daddy kept me in the loft above the barn, with a chair and a TV. I wanted out, so I killed the horses. Daddy loved the horses, so it was perfect revenge. Reporters came, and the horses were quarantined. Hah, if only they knew... Well, Mommy had to go back to the mental hospital for a while. I think the dead horses creeped her out.

But Mommy knew... Mommy was scared of me too... Mommy didn't like it when I showed her things. When she got out of hospital, she took me to a pretty place called Shelter Mountain. I was singing by the well when Mommy pulled a bag over my head and dumped me in this damn well... That was in 1978.